New Pricing

Customers don't value music as much as the industry charges. We're aiming at bringing people back into purchasing music.

Curated Selection

Let's face it - just because someone makes music doesn't mean that people should or want to listen to it. We'll make it easier for you to stumble on great music.

Changing the Industry

We aren't trying to be the one store that sells music in this way - we wish everyone else would start doing the same.

Lossless Downloads

All of the music comes in various lossy and lossless formats (MP3, FLAC, etc.) in one purchase. Why charge more when it'll just frustrate people?

Music Should Be International

Most music is only available in its home country, and after that, much is still only in the regional countries. We'll work strenuously to bridge this international divide.

Ancora Musica

We are working on the Ancora Musica service to get you new music every month. All the purchases, download, and account setups take place on Encore Menu


We're currently speaking with new partners and will announce them as time goes on.
If you're interested in partnering with us, please contact us here.

  • Acts To Be Announced
  • Labels To Be Announced
  • Distributors To Be Annnounced
  • Game Companies To Be Announced

See our Pricings

Though this is the standard pricing, final pricing on specific music may be different. Double albums, EPs, singles, etc. will use different, yet similar pricing.

  • Single Song
  • US99¢
  • MP3, FLAC, ALAC, etc.
  • US69¢ for less popular tracks
  • No lock on downloads
  • DRM Free
  • Forum Support
  • Indie Artist/Catalog Albums
  • US$3.50
  • 3 albums for US$10
  • MP3, FLAC, ALAC, etc.
  • No lock on downloads
  • DRM Free
  • Songs may be exclusive to album sales
  • Major Artist Albums
  • US$5.50
  • 2 albums for US$10
  • MP3, FLAC, ALAC, etc.
  • No lock on downloads
  • DRM Free
  • Songs may be exclusive to album sales

(no logo) Trifecta

No Logo LLC has set up three sides to tackle the music industry's and consumers' issues:

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If you'd like to submit your music for consideration, ask any questions, or would like to schedule a meeting, contact us through here:

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